NOC Smalltown Hotel Mafia - Game Thread (MAFIA WINS)


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eli please help me understand your perspective

Without doing the work I wanted to I think I’m at

Don’t vote psy (not contentious)

I would prefer not to vote realiti or celever atm

I would put hal in this group based on thread reads atm but I think a ton of people are gonna ignore that

Everyone else im still sorting with Tommy being the biggest ping. Gth jalmont/ls(slight above null)> skipper/ag/oden/hydro (sort tier) > m2h > tommy


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Tangentially something that I need to stop doing is that whenever I interact with people I tend to bias my read on them to be more towny


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Like the specific meta point about m24 is that last game he was flashbanging his reads early on and quickly committed to a vote

But here he has a late entrance, made a readslist, then voted on a developing wagon (tbh I thought it was more stark cos I thought there were more votes on hal) that did not align at all with his readslist. So that’s why I called it out because it felt distinct

And his response to me while like fine sure mindset think about what the other person is thinking and if it makes sense felt like he didn’t wanna be scumread for it. He even said he was gonna unvote but implied that being conditioned into it made it feel better

Also nai but it sounded like oden and m24 didn’t have the vc in front of them since they were going off my assumption on the wagon being larger than it was. So like wtf

So can I parse if that’s towny nervousness? Not atm, because all I have is my reads and my mobile phone


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Also yeah like great hal decided to backtrack his wtf read on me because the main issue was that I townread you and then decided to sheep my reads and then ignored me

That’s awesome

To me it’s not an easily parsible behavior because it’s foreign to me, and I just came off a game where I just no brained a read on him, because after 10 games where we were t/t and

So if his scum meta is to adapt to his towngame

Like what’s his adaptation this game

Throwing out barf ass reads then immediately switching it up and agreeing with my (stated) reads in thread and continuing to push to same poe

TO ME it’s not that easily parsible given my history with him, or maybe I’m just bad at mafia and stuff


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And no it doesnt stop the fact that Tommy’s iso lacks any sort of fire, even still

It doesn’t stop that he thinks hal is above rand town and isn’t cautioning the thread against a wagon against hal because of that

He’s voting fucking realiti because of a “lack of content”

Who has indicated their desire to push that wagon with him like nobody lol. Cos it’s not accomplishing him and he’s shrugged off any votes on him and has only been trying to appeal to psy specifically

Like am I being hypocritical cos im not really stating my reads either? Maybe but I do this anyway? Do I think it’s weird for Tommy specifically though? Yes, especially given his past game entrances! Am I reading into behavior that isn’t actually alignment indicative? Idk maybe
the scenarios input a world that assumes the worst case scenario that disregard any reads

was a play on that cos I thought it was a silly and unlikely scenario

Also can X-shots be motivated anyway
i never said to disregard reads...i'm not saying do things strictly my way, i just think we should consider the setup because we have that information. we're hamstringing ourselves by not doing so (or one is mafia hoping town does suboptimal things. a possibility.)

you should WANT to follow my strat as if we let mafia!doublevoter or poisoner advance in this game...with 2 MLs we LOSE the game if either of those roles are mafia. I'm trying to let your reads do the work late!

would vote out
tommy (if he doesn’t use role swap d1, would prob be lower if he does)
AG (I didn’t play matrices so idk)
would be uncomfy voting
btw this read list makes me nervous. me, eli, celever are the people whove been the most welcoming towards you. please dont townread us based off of that. these are either scummy reads or youre at risk of being pocketed so id ask you to reconsider those slots please

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